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Hello beautiful people, I am Haniya, a Professional Makeup and Hair Artist specializing in South Asian Bridal Makeup and Hair services in Plano, TX.

I have always admired Asian Bridal industry andI have grown up surrounding myself around makeup and people who work in this industry professionally.

My first job was infact at a beauty store, Sephora, where I learned so much more about all different makeup brands and how unique each of their stories are when it comes to makeup. It inspired me and gave me the confidence to step ahead and pursue my dream career. I started my YouTube Channel in 2019 and became an influencer, it kept me motivated and helped me grow so much in the beauty industry.

In 2022, I became a mom and it completely shifted my mindset on how I would want my future to look like. I took my dream passion serious and became a Professional Bridal Beauty and Hairstylist, providing luxury services to all my dream clients who value quality with an utmost relaxing environment and luxury experience.


My experience was really nice. Haniya worked with what I liked and what I didn’t like and stayed within my comfort zone! She went above and beyond. She wasn't scared to experiment with different things and I loved that. Haniya made me feel very comfortable in my own skin!

– Ira –


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