Hairstyle is very unique to every individual. From face framing to how short or long your hairs are and what style will match the best with the look and your personality is where my passion lies.

I work with my clients to create custom hairstyles to represent their unique styles and make them feel comfortable. Hairstyling is very personal to all of us, and I communicate all the details with my clients to make sure I understand their needs.

I provide recommendations on which styles would work the best with the overall look, and it helps my clients feel confident with their desired look. I do all different hairstyles, from modern textured updos and Hollywood waves to south asian mehndi braids.
To finish the overall look, I am professionally trained to set the veil, and any matching hair accessories to complete the overall style.


My experience was really nice. Haniya worked with what I liked and what I didn’t like and stayed within my comfort zone! She went above and beyond. She wasn't scared to experiment with different things and I loved that. Haniya made me feel very comfortable in my own skin!

– Ira –

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