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Frequently Asked Questions

The first step will be to complete the initial bridal inquiry form. Once I receive your request, along with all of the information that I need, and as long as the dates are available, the next step is to get a customized package and proposal. You will then pay your 30% deposit and then sign the contract. Please note that your deposit is a retainer and is non-refundable and non-transferable and does go towards your wedding day total. Once I receive your signed service agreement and your deposit, your date is officially confirmed.

Yes I do specialise in bridal hair styling, and that will give you a complete look for your special event.

I believe that both hair and makeup are important for that reason I provide both hair and makeup.

It includes both hair and makeup services.

Yes I do travel on location to my bride to ensure she is stress-free.

Yes I do travel out of state and internationally.

I use all high-quality products that will ensure your makeup photographs flawlessly and lasts all day. Not only do I carry high-quality products for all skin types and complexions, but I also make sure that everything is sanitary and clean. Using items such as disposable makeup applicators, alcohol spray, EPA cleaners, and disinfectants will ensure that every high-quality product stays perfectly intact. I only used high quality makeup.

There is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to skin because everyone is so unique. During our consultation, I will ask multiple questions to ensure that I understand all of your skin concerns and needs. Be rest assured that I will be as detailed as possible to ensure you have a flawless look on your special day.

It’s all about the Luxury Bridal Experience! This means that you, as a bride, will receive high quality, not just in the products that I use, but also the process I take to execute a flawless look and exclusivity in that my time and attention is solely for you; I do not double book bridesI A Luxury Bridal Experience also means reassuring the confidence in yourself by enhancing the beauty that is already there, and true comfort in trusting that I will take care of you and your needs throughout your entire wedding process.
This is the time where your vision will come to life. It is also a time to voice concerns (if any) you have with your desired look. During this 3-4 hour consultation process, I will do a full customized makeup and hair look based on your vision and to ensure you are satisfied with your look. You may bring photos, clothing items, jewelry, etc to the trial, so you are able to see your full luxury bridal look!

During our consultation and detailed discussion, I will provide a customized wedding timeline to put your mind at ease. There will also be periodic emails sent to ensure every detail is accounted for throughout your wedding process. I will also provide information and tips on how to best prepare for your special day such as skin care, hair care, keeping your mind fresh, and much more!


My experience was really nice. Haniya worked with what I liked and what I didn’t like and stayed within my comfort zone! She went above and beyond. She wasn't scared to experiment with different things and I loved that. Haniya made me feel very comfortable in my own skin!

– Ira –

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